A walk through Wadi Qurai.

All taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro1 & 27mm f2.8 Fujinon XF Lens.

Camera set on Fuji Velvia mode.

4 thoughts on “A walk through Wadi Qurai.

    1. Thank you very much – it was a nice day so thought I would enjoy a walk through this wadi rather than stay at home.
      Quite close to my house so not much driving involved, always a good thing 🙂

  1. Got a real kick out of these since can see them LARGE ON SCREEN! Maybe that was always so but I think not. Also (more to the point) enjoyed the pix. Herewith reminder to be thankful you are where you are and WARM…Montreal another day of deep freeze -23 centigrade at 9 am, windchill will haul it down to -35cm…and am sure you’ve seen poor b’s in Boston buried ‘neath 7 feet plus deep freeze – and more snow tomorrow. Cor.

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