WordPress blocked in Oman.

WordPress sites are being blocked in Oman so no posting TFN.

P.s: update as of 22/03/15 it seems that some WiFi sites will allow WordPress hence me writing this additional info: no idea what is the reasoning for it.

Pp.s: 23/03/15 It seems that if I use Ooredoo (Nawras) WiFi, I can open wordpress sites. If I only look at sites that have a private domain name (dropping wordpress from the address)Β  all is happiness & light.

Ho well, knowing Omantel, it will all get sorted in the fullness of time……..


12 thoughts on “WordPress blocked in Oman.

        1. Many thanks & much appreciated.
          Oman so far has maintained a very quiet distance from it all – thanks must go to the love H.M the Sultan has from his people, I am sure.

    1. Thanks Murray,
      One WiFi provider seems to work but not the main provider – ho well: sites like yours that have dropped ‘wordpress’ in the address seem to work most of the time.
      Give me a chance to catch-up on my book reading πŸ™‚

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