11 thoughts on “Dhows at Shannah.

    1. Thanks – all there if a little subdued, so all I needed was increases in saturation for different areas of the image, the only thing I added was some grain in the sky for (imho) more drama when I print it on art paper.


      1. I am assuming this was a digital image – do you shoot raw? I often find that my raw images have the colour a bit subdued, though I usually like that and leave the saturation alone. But I do fiddle with the luminance of different colours quite often.

        1. Always (if I’m honest, it allows me more latitude and for that read recover from mistakes 🙂 ) yes it is digital from the X-pro.
          I am bringing back some art paper.
          I am also playing with OHP type film for digital negatives, so that the B&W digital images can be contact printed in the dark-room on this:

          Click to access 2011541447252345.pdf

          My case will be full again…….


        2. Yes, once I discovered raw format I never went back, except for a couple of protracted field trips where I worried I might run out of card space. It gives latitude that is closer to that found on many films. I don’t make (or get made) prints except rarely for someone else so I know little about paper, and have a lousy printer in any case.

    1. Much appreciated – especially as I was trying for what my minds-eye saw & then make a print on one of the art papers that are now more widely available.
      On my way back to UK for a month so will be stocking-up 🙂


        1. I am living with the best of both worlds – traditional and digital, experimenting with OHP film for inter-negs and have lots of real film in the freezer 🙂

          Thanks – it’s my twice yearly escape from the world (Almost like a retreat: although I take my towel and a copy of the Hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy) no news, no papers, no work & very little computer or phone…… 🙂


        2. The film that I miss most is lith film. I used it to make positives for photo silkscreen and the beauty of the grain was a joy. Don’t know how to replicate that breakup of tonal gradations using filters.

          So where are you visiting on your jaunt this year?

        3. We have a house just outside York (the first one – need this for our American readers 😉 ) so hope the UK weather is reasonable.


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