17 thoughts on “Distant mountains.

    1. Much appreciated – it’s an area that has wide open spaces, mountains, water and lots of small villages. I always like going there, especially if I can drag myself out of bed for an early start………


      1. Well worth the early start! You are lucky to know a country like Oman so well, and to See so well. And we are lucky you have the knowledge and tools to capture and share what you see.

        1. Thanks again – I must admit I do get fun out of searching for some of the more remote or less known areas of Oman.
          Although these days, I see much more adventurous tourists than ever in the past.


    1. True though – there is about a half-hour window as the sun comes over the mountains (sun up being around 06:30 at this time of year) being in the right place also helps 🙂



    1. Thanks, it was one of those early morning-ish images that I kept looking at while driving. Must stop! and while drinking a coffee thought…… ha the 200 micro as I wanted subtle depth of field.


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