4 thoughts on “Déjà vu……….

  1. Nothing will ever change. I grew up in a neighbourhood where every…yes every adult male had gone to war. Our grandfathers in the WW1, our fathers in WW2 and Korea. Then the next generation of us, the oldest sons, went to Viet Nam.
    and on and on….I expect the same till the end of time…(what ever that is)

    I need to add this thought on why I like Christmas. When I was in VN there was a cease fire over Christmas. As I sat in the sand I thought, “one day ain’t bad”.

    1. Unfortunately I think you’re right, same s..t different day.
      Christmas – I remember Gulf war one (like a bloody movie needing to say 1 or 2) on Masirah Island, a couple of us were maintaining the surveillance radar and got asked by the US commander to join them on Xmas day for dinner. In a tent!! and the troops were fed in relays – one of the best days I ever had on that island, will never forget the US army hospitality.


      1. Yep, I guess we both will take ’em when we can get ’em.
        That said, I always look forward to your enticing images of that exotic land you point yer camera around in.

        1. Thanks you – I am pleased that I am able to show a small selection of what this country on the edge of all this chaos has. Fortunately, due its history and close connection with the sea; along with quiet diplomacy, managed to maintain a peaceful & welcoming character.
          In about 18 months I will be leaving, so am making the most of it.


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