Santa Claus in Muscat.

Santa Claus

Samsung phone image – Santa Claus even makes it here, all be it a little early.    😉
Carols sung in the Church (Yes there is one) along with festivities at a number of the Hotels over the next few days.
Last bit of shopping before I escape…….. hope everyone has a good holiday when it comes around & a very Merry New Year.

8 thoughts on “Santa Claus in Muscat.

  1. Hope you have a very enjoyable Christmas and a safe New Year, David. I suppose it will be the usual climate change for you going back home. Hope your UK base is not under water.

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Many thanks & hope the New Year brings you all the best.
      York always gets flooded ever since they built on wetlands during the middle ages, but we are just outside and on a hill. So lots of rain and wet fields but not much else thankfully.


  2. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Two poems for you to chase, am reading them tomorrow, The Invitation by U A Fanthorpe and Eddi’s Service by Kipling. You probably know the latter, the first makes me cry!

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