8 thoughts on “Sunflower No2.

    1. Thanks,
      I have not checked the news yet so not sure how the storm is progressing; hope everyone is safe. Having lived through a bad one, I can only sympathise. I do love snow though, especially when it is deep & crisp.
      It is a pleasant 22c here at the moment 🙂

  1. I love the Fibonacci sequence! And of course all the ‘flowers’ are at the heart of the sunflower. I like sunflowers, when they first came to Europe they were referred to as Peruvian Chrysanthemums. I get it was a joy to see them…and nice lighting.

    1. The mathematical certainty of nature – it does make one wonder….
      They were a nice surprise, alone with plenty of petunias that I had intentionally planted.


    1. Thank you John,
      I was so pleased seeing these flowers after all the rain and cold weather I had while in UK – out with both my Nikon F2 & D800 taking advantage of the morning light.


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