The Masque Of Pandora.

I don’t normally mention much about politics but could not resist after our dear leader  (Cameron) came back from Europe last night, clutching his piece of paper……..

It made me think of  a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: here is the section that seemed to sum up his machinations.

The Masque Of Pandora.

PROMETHEUS (entering.)
Who was it fled from here? I saw a shape
Flitting among the trees.

It was Pandora.

O Epimetheus! Is it then in vain
That I have warned thee? Let me now implore.
Thou harbourest in thy house a dangerous guest.

Whom the Gods love they honour with such guests.

Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad.

Shall I refuse the gifts they send to me?

Reject all gifts that come from higher powers.

6 thoughts on “The Masque Of Pandora.

  1. Don’t who you’re referring to but first thought was – Chamberlain? ah well. PS remember all NA immersed in Trump.

    1. We all have our cross to bear & ours is the EUSSR; our dear leader (Cameron) has been in Europe and just returned with ‘his’ piece of paper. Just like Chamberlain & there will be tears in the not too distant future.
      I’m saying no more about the EU incase I incriminate myself 🙄

      1. Finally paid attention to the news…and remembered EU. Trump trumped in S Carolina is our wave of horror…NYT did lovely article amassing all his insults since campaign start.

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