Hanging by a filament.

Spiders web.Nikon F – Micro Nikkor 55mm f2.8 AIs lens.

The Spider’s Web

It hangs where daisies mauve and white
Stand dreaming in the morning light,
A spider’s web, a fairy thing
Whose threads to daisy-petals cling,
And quiver in the sunlit air;
And on the cobweb here and there
Round beads of amber dew are hung
By elfin fingers deftly strung
Along each gleaming silver thread.
The hairy spider-witch has fled,
And crouches in a huddled heap,
Beneath a daisy, half asleep.

And for this hour of sun and dew,
The web belongs to me and you!

 Enid Blyton Book of Poetry 1934

4 thoughts on “Hanging by a filament.

  1. What an eye you have for the subtleties of nature and the graceful gestures that are part of the visual story. This image gives the impression of a delicate ballet in stop motion.

    1. Thank you – it’s a shame because when this is printed it shows the spider filaments quite clearly, but at jpeg level on wordpress …. hummm.


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