Update of article on Nikkor 43 to 86 Zoom.

See update in my previous Nikkor Zoom 43 to 86 post.

I have been doing a bit of research about the history of this lens and in an article (Linked) Nikon do acknowledge the limitations of this lens.
One of the really good things this lens has, is a very usable ‘Depth of Field‘ scale not seen on a lot of lenses today:  In fact gone never to be seen again on the ‘G’ type….. !

2 thoughts on “Update of article on Nikkor 43 to 86 Zoom.

  1. I had lots of experience with that lens when it first came out.
    The 43-86 was included with the Nikon f3. I got mine at a swap meet and used it for my main lens on a Nikon F3a for quite a while.
    Some versions were excellent and others are said to be the worst lens Nikon ever made.
    There was even a list of serial numbers for those wanting to get a good lens.
    The rumour was that Nikon released a second batch that was good. I don’t know if that is true, but I lucked into a good copy that I printed great enlargements from, while my friend Andrew’s was horrible.

    1. I had always kept away from this one – although you are right in that it did seem to suffer quality issues. The one I have is a late version;
      given with a FM2n that I have just purchased at a very good price.
      People just do not seem to appreciate these cameras & almost give them away as no longer used.

      That’s two in a month – very bad of me 🙂


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