Muttrah corniche using my Nikon F.

Muttrah corniche using Nikon F.  & Nikkor 25-50 f4 Ai lens.

I made a mistake when developing this film and did a pre-soak with water, shouldn’t have done with Microdol-X 1+3: you can see sprocket hole streaking on the first image. Funny that it only shows when I scan for the screen: prints are fine both digital & darkroom.

4 thoughts on “Muttrah corniche using my Nikon F.

  1. I remember regularly pre-soaking larger format film and I expect I did the same with 35mm when I processed in 8 roll tanks. What don’t you like about pre-soaking?

    1. Ha, soak or not to soak that is the question 🙂
      So actually – nothing in my case, but it depends……
      I am sure you know all this but for those that might still wonder why I choose not using a W/bath.
      It is just that with this particular combination of film & developer I need to be very careful with the agitation otherwise I lose the compensating control on the highlights. So two reasons:
      A. I used a plastic reel and it can restrict the flow rate with delicate agitation.
      B. The developer gets absorbed evenly across the whole film quicker with a water soak bath; in this case I don’t want that.
      I am already using Microdol outside recommendations for Fuji film, added to that is a dilution of 1+3 so not a great deal of actual developer.


    1. Thanks Vicki,
      Yes I am pleased with it, such a pleasure using some of these older Nikkor lenses. The quality of construction is beyond most of todays offerings.


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