Geological wonders in Oman: YouTube video.

Geological wonders in Oman made by the Geological Society of Oman in 2012.

4 thoughts on “Geological wonders in Oman: YouTube video.

    1. It’s a nice little video of a tremendously complicated & varied terrain.
      The Huqf area alone, needs many months of off-road driving in some difficult terrain; just for basic research of both geology & archaeology.
      I have stood on flint mounds 10’s of sq ft. all from human flint knapping. There is a very old grave site quite clearly visible on Google Earth, that as far as I know from local Bedu, is a mystery. Received wisdom says it was two tribes and a terrible battle, many were killed, buried in the graveyard and nobody goes there anymore because of this massacre.
      They believe the whole Wadi Baw is now occupied by Jinns !
      I could go on & on sorry.


      1. We here (in the US) are woefully ignorant (not all, but most) of your surroundings and I personally will never see it, so your images are important to me. Thanks again.

        1. It is my pleasure & pleased I can introduce Oman in my small way.
          I only came here originally for 19 months with my company (Marconi Radar) fell for it hook line & sinker as they say.


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