4 thoughts on “Tree & rock detail.

    1. That’s what visiting Shams does 🙂
      Fortunately after a rather tense few days, the rest was waiting for things to happen. So I could scout out a few photo opportunities.


      1. So odd, your blog no longer knows me – I am Anon! I must resign up. Been loving all the work lately and fascinated by your write up on film vs digi….which I relate to indirectly in that I love doing small building tasks…even I can buy it for nada. Specifically finding new ways to frame almost anything…NOT complicated but sometimes with surprisingly amazing results (as often awful annoyingly). In an oblique sense not so different to your hands on preference.
        Oh lately also thinking of what goes into the frame, my extraordinarly colourful painter’s jeans are deserving of being framed and hung on the wall, much of which is on them.

        1. Ha, I thought it was you by your phraseology (not a criticism 🙂 ) but can never be sure with the internet!
          Your right – it’s all in the feeling of accomplishing something all by ones self.

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