Garden corner & a little trivia.

garden-cornerAn unkempt section of my garden, waiting the end of summer for a little attention  (that’s my excuse anyway)   🙂

Writing this I thought hummm…  which is it, I was sure unkempt was right in this instance but; so I gave in and looked it up in a well known on-line dictionary.

Unkept–Unkempt distinction:
Unkempt is often used to describe untrimmed lawns and hedges, but unkept is equally correct. Unkept is only rarely used to describe people.
Actually the doubt came because Firefox spell check (set for proper English 🙂 ) flags unkept but not unkempt. Never trust a computer !! as I was told by an instructor many years ago “computers are stupid for two reasons: A. they only have two states, either ‘on’ or ‘off’ so anything else confuses them & B. if the computer says ‘no’ blame the programmer or user never the computer”.

7 thoughts on “Garden corner & a little trivia.

  1. Ha! Neither unkempt nor unkept is correct! This is natural and charming, so don’t fret about tidying up nature. My spell chequer accepts both as correct. Sorry David, ………trying to be funny!

    1. Not a problem as it was a bit tongue in cheek anyway. Although being from UK I do like my spell checker to stay in UK English and not change when I get given a document from across the big pond but windows 10 seems to have a mind of its own. Cortana gave me some grief as well, but zapped that in the registry – gone for good 🙂
      I should have stayed with windows 7.


  2. Good point, David.
    My spellcheck is forever querying my choice of words. I’d prefer it stuck to the spelling (of the word) and not the actual word I’ve used in the sentence.

    1. Spell checkers are a pain, especially when they try and force my computer into America English !!
      Missing U’s & Z instead of S hummm….. Noah Webster has a lot to answer for 😉
      As long as I am fully awake it is fun trying to fool the computer, but I can get into terrible trouble if I am not paying attention.


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