Imti visit.

A few images from a visit I made to Imti, so that I could make some photographs of doors & entrances in the abandoned village behind modern one.
The old abandoned village went by the name Muti, but was changed some years ago to Imti.
Taking advantage of the cooler weather and an early start; I was finished by about 09:30hrs so had an enjoyable time just ambling through the back streets of the village where I made these.

2 thoughts on “Imti visit.

  1. There is such intriguing beauty in that country with the wonderful contrasts between the places that have water and the desert!

    1. The same with the history – it’s beginning to look more likely that they can trace the history back at least to the The Nubian Complex – Middle Stone Age: Between 125,000 and 75,000 years ago; because of items found at a site in Wadi Aybut southern Oman. When you stand on a man-made flint mound that is larger than the area of a couple of football grounds, it makes one wonder 🙂

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