Sand formations around rock.

Sand-formationsSand & Rock.

Back after a month in UK – cold, wet, windy, frost and a little snow: in other words a typical December.
I see the ‘Reader’ is still cropping images, will struggle through the backlog of what looks like some very interesting posts by everyone I follow, lots of catching up over the next few days.

6 thoughts on “Sand formations around rock.

  1. Thanks David for doing some catching up, your visits are always welcome. Sorry you face the cold here, quite a shock to the system I guess. Tasty image here….textures, form, tone and colour. Would look great in a frame.

    1. Your welcome,
      Have not finished yet, you have a lot for me to see and appreciate with more time and a glass of Lagavulin 🙂
      This year wasn’t as bad as last (lots of rain !!! ) we were lucky then because in York they had a bad time of it. Snow I love and miss being here in Oman – Shams only gets it for a couple of days each year and I usually don’t get up there in time.

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