6 thoughts on “Mirbat near Salalah.

  1. That’s the second time i felt compelled to go to google maps to put a location to the photo’s. The first time was when you were in Ibri. Great photo’s and glad to see you got some windows and doors in.

  2. Seeing the dhows in the background a real pleasure…and nothing quite like the juxtaposition to blue speedboats in foreground. Hmmm do people ‘say’ speedboats anymore? I almost wrote ‘motorboats’ but then realised that IS archaic.

  3. The turquoise boats are an eye catcher. Very nice. And the windows and open door hold countless stories. Lovely.

    1. Thank you,
      Mirbat had a very interesting history as both a capital of Dhofar, trading centre for far-flung places on the Maritime Silk Road: Persian Gulf to the East China Sea with horses & Frankincense.
      Then in the early 1970’s The Battle of Mirbat on the 19th July 1972 during the Dhofar Rebellion which was being supported by Communist guerrillas from South Yemen.
      Now a rather sleepy fishing port and if the indications I saw are correct, a tourist activities centre.

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