Just a quick hello.

Just a quick hello from UK; back in England and coming to terms with the weather – yes it’s changeable, even though we are in the middle of July. I left Oman with temperatures in the 40’s c. here it’s 20c in York & 17.5c in Bristol where I am at present.

I have all my photography equipment apart from the Fuji X-pro1 in storage until we find a new (larger) house, merging two houses into one is not easy.
Little things like waiting for a petrol pump attendant who will fill the car & wash the windscreen while I sit in the car, no such luck and don’t mention getting your shopping loaded into bags at the Supermarket, they even charge for the bag!!!!
When on holiday these things don’t seem a bother as it’s soon back to friendly service with a smile in Oman & before that Cyprus, so you put up with it. What is it about UK shops, they take your money as if it’s their right and service is almost non-existent.

But the Guinness is good and there are some very nice friendly small specialist shops that pride themselves on their product, knowledge and service; so some things have not changed for the worst.

Sorry, rant over I promiseΒ  πŸ™‚

I now have an Internet link that is reliable, so should be able to catchup with everyone after navigating my way through W/P Reader, seeing what I have missed in the last few weeks. I may even get the chance for making some photographs, although I cannot decide whether I should open another blog or just add a link to this one – we shall see.



17 thoughts on “Just a quick hello.

  1. Hi!
    Was up in York and it was HOT…Ditto down Cambridge way. But SO EXPENSIVE!!! I shall miss it all horribly and am waiting for lottery to move back!

    1. I have been in Malvern & yesterday was hot there as well, although today was 10 c cooler and rain – typical!
      Do not talk about prices, everything I buy makes me go ‘how much?’ strange because when we were on holiday it did not seem a problem; I just looked at it as the price of a holiday in a foreign country. Now it surprises me that people in UK put up with it. Friends of mine have gone to China, Philippines, Thailand & Cyprus – now I see why.

    1. If you mean the restaurant & pastry places, no; busy looking for a new house near Malvern.
      Apart from paying nearly 10 times the cost per ltr than in Oman for petrol, yes getting there. πŸ™‚

  2. Things have changed here and not necessarily for the better. I’ve been here for many years and I don’t think I will ever get use to it. I work for a big chain like that and the pay is horrendous (minimum wage), the hours are worse and you only get 30 mins for lunch. To make matter worse, you are overworked, the bosses are all about targets and not your wellbeing and that can make you really miserable. It will take time to get use to it but you need patience.
    I’m personally looking forward to seeing what your new work from here πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for your appreciation of my photography.
      I know it is always easy for criticism without understanding; but I do feel for people like yourself. Everything is about profit, but at what cost? a happy workforce makes for long term gain. Unfortunately the ‘bean counters’ only see next months figures.

  3. Good luck adapting to the UK and hope you manage to find some time to post some photos in the near future. Cheers with a virtual Guinness in my hand!

    1. Been in Malvern this last few days & got brave with my beer; tasting the local brews and must admit ‘tasty’ but Guinness original still takes some beating..Although It seems that I can now buy at least three different kinds – what all that is about I cannot fathom.

  4. Courage! The weather will not turn to freezing for two or three months! As for service in Europe…. Forget it!

    And enjoy the Guinness!!

    1. Patience is what my daughter says & I need it !
      After over 30 years of being away from UK other than holidays, it is quite a shock seeing the changes that have happened.
      But yes Guinness out of a tap rather than a can is some recompense. πŸ™‚

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