Limited editing facilities.

The previous image was edited using my 17″ laptop which I don’t normally use for working on photographs. It does not calibrate very well, even with my Spyder 4 Pro & as for programmes…….

No Lightroom or CS6, but I do have the Fuji Raw file converter, Google Nik collection & a rather nice (free) programme called LightZone which works on B&W images. It will get me through the coming months until we have a new house and stuff comes out of storage. Rather strange not having my darkroom, large screen computer, scanner or printer but I’m sure I’ll get by.  😉

4 thoughts on “Limited editing facilities.

  1. You should be able to download Lightroom or Photoshop on your laptop and if the only current copy is on your PC you won’t need to disable an existing copy. Passwords are available if you sign in on the Adobe site and go to Manage Account/ Plans and Products/ View your products but they only seem to go up to LR5/ CS6. You could ask Adobe about CC passwords but maybe you don’t even need them and can download a trial and log in under the Help Menu.

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