A quick hello.

It has been a while since I posted anything but I have been very busy looking for a new house and no real time for photography.

With luck we may have found exactly what we were looking for in Driffield Yorkshire. Much though I would have liked being in Malvern, the house prices were beyond what I was prepared to pay for the type of house we wanted. By chance we made a quick visit to Driffield and within a couple of hours had been given a viewing of a house that had a big garden, big rooms (space for a library & darkroom)  a railway station within walking distance, that seems to have trains with good connections about every half hour, along with country walks close by.

So if all the legal things go through, I can get my stuff out of storage and start using my cameras again.


10 thoughts on “A quick hello.

  1. As a single person with high health costs, I’ve never been able to afford a house (or apartment) in Melbourne, David, so I understand completely what you’re saying about renting.

    Yorkshire is a wonderful place to live and I well remember the area from my own travels (and the old tv series All Creatures Great and Small).

    As to house prices, I watch a U.S. house hunting/renovating show each night and U.S. house prices, depending on location of course, are about a sixth of Australian house prices. I’m staggered at the large homes that cost so little.

    (BTW thanks for commenting on my blog today. Some months ago, I lost all the links/addresses of the blogs I follow and couldn’t remember names, so have mostly had to wait until those bloggers commented on my own blog to pick up the links).

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Glad we are linked again: I had a similar problem with my cell phone and am still not sure I got all my numbers back.
      House prices & health insurance are always a big worry, especially as we get taxed on them both.

  2. Good luck with the house hunt. Never had a desire to own my home. Have fun looking and thanks for checking in.

    1. Thank you Terry,
      Unfortunately renting here in UK can be very precarious; there is no real security for having a house over your head. Rent goes up exponentially, we are taxed until we squeak & money in the bank earns very little interest compared with inflation.
      I love UK but it can be a test of my patience putting up with the crap 🙂

  3. wonderful! congrats. My UK house hunting proved one thing – I can’t afford it!

    1. Thanks – it has all the legal things going forward, but with luck they should not be a problem.
      I was beginning to think the same: house prices in UK are ridiculous.

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