Spring at last !

Spring at last – it may only be a single Daffodil, but others are beginning to bloom in the garden and this one is perfectly formed. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Spring at last !

  1. Quite sweet to have one daffodil. I feel it has popped out a little prematurely, looking out of the window this morning…a winter wonderland.

      1. That should be have one daffodil. Typing on my phone is a bit typo friendly. I am sure the weather will pick up, no second thoughts of scooting back to Oman? You must be having a bit of climate shock.

        1. I have the same problem with these touch screens & add the spell checker. ……grrrr
          Climate shock is an understatement but it is my first full Uk winter in 30 odd years. I’ll be ok once the warm weather returns. It’s all the other things I find strange, everything seems in a state of ‘FUBAR’ but all good fun really.

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