Fruit stall – Salalah Dhofar.

These stalls are on the side of the coastal road out of Salalah and have traded in one form or another for many years. It may look a little rough & ready, but no one seems to mind as their fruit is always fresh and inexpensive. For anyone who may not recognise the bamboo like poles, it’s Sugarcane: cut and sold as a sweet chewing stick.

6 thoughts on “Fruit stall – Salalah Dhofar.

    1. Not a great fan of the solid stuff, but have recently got a taste for a good Rum.
      Have always been a Malt Whisky man until I was introduced to some good dark rum

  1. It looks like a nice mix of tropical produce. Local roadside sellers are often some of the friendliest people you’ll meet, especially if you buy something.

    1. Very true, these certainly live upto that reputation.
      The one at this stall let my daughter & me try a couple of unknown fruits. He made a sale because of it 🙂

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