A favourite beach.

A favourite beach at Masirah.

This beach gets big waves and a dangerous undertow during the ‘Khareef’ when the Monsoon winds hit around June to August, but for the rest of the year it’s perfect.
I loved the solitude of the area and could walk or sit for hours: never camping though. The odd time I have camped on beaches has never really filled me with enthusiasm, as the sand is not like the desert. Beach sand clings and gets everywhere, tent, boots, clothes, food & worst of all my Guinness   😉


13 thoughts on “A favourite beach.

    1. Thanks, copied from a 6×6 negative using my Nikon D800. I then cropped it a bit at the top.
      There is a colour image taken about the same time, somewhere on my site. I quite often use two cameras, one colour, one B&W.

        1. Ha, I use my 55mm f2.8 micro lens & extension tube with the negative on an upturned Durst enlarger light box & neg carrier.
          It actually gives me good digital conversion for web pages & is quick. My flatbed scanner is fine but slow with just the odd neg being copied. The D800 works well for both raw & jpeg.
          P.s I still like film even though I could convert the digital colour image, it’s not the same 🙂

  1. I camped on a beach once, although it was the beach of a large lake instead of a sea. The sand there wasn’t very clingy, but at night it got extremely cold. I’d personally rather sleep in the woods, with some tree cover to hold the heat in at night. Then again, I’ve never camped in a desert before.

    1. You’re right about camping in woods, especially in the summer months.
      Desert camping is a unique experience, sky full of stars, quite & contemplative although it too can be very! cold at night.

    1. Thank you, it’s a lovely area of the island, I just hope it stays that way.
      There is an hotel about 5 klick away, they unfortunately didn’t take account of the weather when planning it (nobody asks the locals !) it gets very little use June to September. Hopefully that has put the developers off, but for how long: faloose (money) talks the siren song for beaches like this.

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