13 thoughts on “Worried trees.

  1. I would say no, you must not go out, even in the countryside, even in the mountains, even in the sea.
    We see too many images of people not respecting the instructions. It is by staying at home that we will be able to get out of this pandemic as quickly as possible
    #Stay at your house

    1. I agree to limited degree, especially in towns & cities. But one must eat, so going out for food is less safe than going for a country walk were you will not meet a single person; the advantage of being near woods & open fields

      1. The best way is complete compartmentalization of people, like in China. In France we have to stay at home but can only go out to buy food (there are impressive queues in front of the stores), go to the doctor or the pharmacy. Those who can’t work have to go to work (which is stupid)
        No, containment must be complete without contact with people. We must be very strict as in China with the army and the police to monitor the possible exit of people and of course the government which must then feed the population
        We can be a healthy carrier of the virus, not yet be sick but IF we touch is in front of a person we can contaminate it, IF we touch something and another person touches the same place we can be contaminated

  2. Those of us not in a crushing urban environment are fortunate to still be able to go outside for a walk and explore things to photograph. We are indeed fortunate. This is a beautiful photograph, as usual.

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