A tree – Jebel Shams Oman.

Slight re-work of an old negative from Jebel Shams in Oman. I remember it being a cold and rather foggy morning when I made this.
One of the trees that I loved to visit: it was not giving up, even though about 90% of it was dead. Growing at about 9700ft and had probably been hit by lightning at some time in its life.

12 thoughts on “A tree – Jebel Shams Oman.

  1. Staggering shot, my friend. If it wasn’t for that Mars rover, I’d call it Perseverance. I just feel like jumping in that image to help support it! πŸ‘Œ

    1. There are several very old (hundreds of years) trees on Jebel Shams, mostly Juniper but some wild olive and all have a majestic appearance. This one is probably not more than 200 years old (looked at my note book and had figured it older so edited) but determined, as can be seen by the new growth around its base.
      Even the ones that get totaly blown apart by lightning can quite often regenerate, although it can take many years and depends on the weather. Most trees above the 7000ft mark are very slow growing.

        1. Try and get the odd image right πŸ™‚
          As for nature, some forget that we are a rather insignificant part: unfortunately humans are a small spec in its big picture.

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