My camp site – Salut.

Camp site behind the hill that has tower tomb & Greek looking shrine – Salut. Just time to get my tent up and a can of Guinness while I cook some food  😎

Camp site -Salut.My first attempt at using the in-camera panoramic stitch programme of the Fuji X-pro1 & Fujinon 27mm f2.8 lens.

A bit soft, it needs an increase in the iso/shutter speed; not sure which at the moment, so more playing required. It’s also strange using the ‘live-view’ or viewfinder. Years of using 6×6 or SLR viewfinders has made me complacent.

A smallish take anywhere camera that fits into my camel-back pack when out walking/trekking. On sale over the Xmas period in UK, for a very good price ! (with two lenses) so it must be due for replacement. Puts my Nikon F2sb into the dark-ages the way cameras get replaced these days; mind you the Nikon will still be going strong for the next 20 years or more – cannot say that about digital cameras.

As for the camp site: I actually went behind the hill looking for a way up to the monuments – scrambled my way up, only to find the signs of a path and steps on the other side!!!! typical.