A little snow.

Dark, cold & wet.
We have snow again – where is global warming when you want it ? although I remember some years back that there was a scare (sorry serious in-depth report) that we could go into a mini ice age again. Skating on the River Thames and Ebenezer Scrooge or stepping out of the wardrobe and seeing a gas light.

Driffield canal.

A quick early morning walk along the canal – I had hoped it would be foggy but alas no, just a light mist. It was very cold though.
(yes I know it’s all relative, 1 or 2C. is not 25 to 35C. so I have an excuse)

Construction authorised in 1767, it was fully open for traffic in 1770. Although the railway arrived at Driffield in 1846, the canal prospered until the 1870s, when there became a gradual decline. The last commercial traffic was in 1951, it now being just a lovely walk.

My camp site – Salut.

Camp site behind the hill that has tower tomb & Greek looking shrine – Salut. Just time to get my tent up and a can of Guinness while I cook some food  😎

Camp site -Salut.My first attempt at using the in-camera panoramic stitch programme of the Fuji X-pro1 & Fujinon 27mm f2.8 lens.

A bit soft, it needs an increase in the iso/shutter speed; not sure which at the moment, so more playing required. It’s also strange using the ‘live-view’ or viewfinder. Years of using 6×6 or SLR viewfinders has made me complacent.

A smallish take anywhere camera that fits into my camel-back pack when out walking/trekking. On sale over the Xmas period in UK, for a very good price ! (with two lenses) so it must be due for replacement. Puts my Nikon F2sb into the dark-ages the way cameras get replaced these days; mind you the Nikon will still be going strong for the next 20 years or more – cannot say that about digital cameras.

As for the camp site: I actually went behind the hill looking for a way up to the monuments – scrambled my way up, only to find the signs of a path and steps on the other side!!!! typical.