A little snow.

Dark, cold & wet.
We have snow again – where is global warming when you want it ? although I remember some years back that there was a scare (sorry serious in-depth report) that we could go into a mini ice age again. Skating on the River Thames and Ebenezer Scrooge or stepping out of the wardrobe and seeing a gas light.

3 thoughts on “A little snow.

  1. I know I’m making a somewhat serious reply to a somewhat facetious comment but my understanding is that you are currently experiencing global warming. The unprecedented warming of the Arctic has disrupted weather patterns circulating around the North Pole and brought Arctic weather to you.

    1. I am not sure the weather is actually any worse than I remember in the 1960’s.
      But you know Brits, given for hyperbol over any sort of weather; it’s the media giving out health warnings for a normal winter day, as if we never get one.
      As for global warming – we could get into a good long discussion about that. I am not one to deny that it’s going on, but manmade is where I have my scepticism, I don’t think we have enough long term data.

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