4 thoughts on “Small tower.

    1. It’s a place well worth going.
      If you ever do, a 4×4 is a must and cheaper than organised tours in the long run. Plan your visit beforehand, get a good guidebook, and just head out into the country. November to May is the coolest period with the mountains down below freezing & possibly snow in late December.
      A very safe place when one considers many other tourist countries.

  1. Your photos from Oman always make me wish I could make an extended visit there. There is a haunting beauty to the place!

    1. It’s got so much diversity; from desert, a very large mountain range, green fields with cows that look like you’re in Uk & history going back a very long way – at least Neolithic maybe even Mesolithic.
      But I think the most important is, they were a seafaring nation. It explains the tolerant & friendly nature of the indigenous population: even if they seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time fighting among themselves until the early 1970’s.
      This makes for a very safe country for exploring and making photographs.
      I have dived from the very last island in the north, set foot into both its desert areas, worked on the top of its highest mountain, visited all its major towns and probably most of the abandoned ones as well. But then I have been in & out for over 30 years & it would have been a waste not taking my Land rover on so many journeys.

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