Sun burst.

A flower from my daughter’s garden, probably gone now the cold weather has returned. Winter is on its way and the clocks go back this weekend in UK.

Changing the time twice a year was first established by the Summer Time Act of 1916, after a campaign by builder William Willett, so that  evenings have more daylight and mornings have fewer daylight hours. It’s been changed a couple of times since then, notably during WW II when ‘Double’ summer time was introduced, 1941 to 1945 when Britain was GMT+2. Between 1968 and 1971 the clocks stayed at GMT+1 but statistics showed an increase in traffic accidents during the morning hours but a substantial decrease in the evening so UK reverted back to GMT/BST changes each year. Beginning at one o’clock, Greenwich mean time, in the morning of the last Sunday in March and ending at one o’clock, Greenwich mean time, in the morning of the last Sunday in October.

I hate it, it’s not natural, messes with my body clock, I’ve only just begun to get it into my head that in UK I can’t go shopping late evening, as most shops close after 17:00 hrs.

13 thoughts on “Sun burst.

  1. What a striking flower! I’ve noticed that walking around with a camera makes me pay more attention to the small details of flowers – and everything else – that I’d normally ignore.

    About the time, I think it’s safe to say that everything would be better if our societies were better organized around the biological clocks that our species has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, if not longer.

  2. Hello David.You seem to be kind enough to be ‘liking’ a few shots on my blog this morning, so I am returning the compliment and finding a lot to like by return too. It appears my little avatar may become more familiar to you.

    1. Good day and yes, you have some good & interesting work tucked away in your blog.
      Shall certainly be spending time looking at your photography, using my phone at the moment. Will be able to appreciate them better on the screen of my PC.

  3. Multiple sighs….. breathtaking shot, my friend!
    I’m with you on DST! My worst change is March when we lose one hour, so I am looking forward to this Sunday change. If only it would stay there! Last year I voted [along with other EU citizens] that we only have one time and preferably the ‘normal’ winter time. As it turns out most people want one time throughout the year BUT most voted for DST!!!! … ~:-|

    1. Thank you Marina.
      As for the clock changes, I could understand a reason for it in the 1900’s but not now. Lighting for both car and street is so much better now, what was wrong with carrying a torch if it’s still dark. Hay-ho 😔

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