Hello World.

I have been thinking about starting a blog of photographs made here in Oman for a long time.

Anyway here it is – I hope you like it.

A little info about my pictures and the equipment I use.


All images appearing in this web site are the exclusive property of David A Lockwood but if you would like to use any of them please contact me – I will probably say yes.

Enough of that.

Film – I have not gone over to the dark side! I just cannot interact with a digital camera, so the nearest I come is using a scanner.

Most of the images are taken with my trusty Nikon F4 or F2 (both really nice intuitive cameras) and for larger negatives I use a Bronica S2a which was a very nice gift from my daughter a few years ago (very good Nikon lenses).

I use a traditional darkroom setup – getting harder to find suppliers  here in Oman over the last few years…..

A word of warning, I am terrible with giving information about camera setting, film used and even the place the image was made: But I will try. Google Earth plus GPS is now my friend.

Enough for now, I will add more as I go along; after all this is about photographs not me writing.

Tomb.Tomb of the Umm an-Nar period at Shir Jaylah in the eastern Hajjar (جبال الحجر).

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