A little information on the Shir/Jaylah tombs.

These are on a plateau at an altitude of approximately 1758m. and in various degrees of decrepitude some 92 in total (some being only a circle/oval seen from the air): the one I photographed is probably the best preserved on the site at a position:

22°48’55.31″N   59° 3’17.74″E  it can be seen quite clearly if you copy this to Google Earth or this link to maps.

The Tomb itself has a preserved height of approximately 6m and is probably late Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age (3500–2500 BC). Construction must have taken many months not to mention dressing the blocks first; as they have been ‘chipped’ with hammer stones to make the shape needed for construction.

I first visited the site in 1992 or 1993 if I remember correctly, using directions given by a friend and from the nearest town Ibra  (Arabic: ابراء‎ ) in the Ash Sharqiyah region of Oman (a 1980’s ordinance survey map & compass – no GPS at that time!). The drive was quite rough going because it involved a lot of off road work searching for a route over or around obstacles. Great fun……

It is still a difficult drive in 2010 but at least the approach from Ibra is now tarmac road.

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