The Huqf.

The desert is an unforgiving environment, but many fascinating finds can be made,  The Huqf being one area geologists, biologists, and those with an archaeological interest find well worth a visit.

Stone Age settlements and flint-factories, particularly around the central Huqf Sabkha, indicate a less hostile environment during  the time of stone-age Oman.

Fossilised wood remains can be found at several sites, as the image below shows.

The oldest rocks in this region are about 730 million years, these are basement rocks, a type of granite.

Because it is such a unique place, the Ministry of Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources is working to conserve the  natural heritage of this area.

Much of the Huqf lies within the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary, unfortunately a very desirable animal for some unscrupulous people who I am told will pay handsomely for any that are captured: resulting in a never – ending battle with poachers.

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