Ras Madrakah.

Nikon F4 with AF 24mm F2.8 lens set on manual (hyperfocal distance focusing using F16) I cannot remember the last time I used a lens on AF!

T-Max 400 @ 320 and developed in T-max @ 1+4.

Now this is rare for me, remembering all this; but for sand it has proved a relatively trouble free method.

6 thoughts on “Ras Madrakah.

    1. Thanks – I liked the extra space for images and did not realise they did it in a ‘dark’ background until I was prompted by W’press. (there is not much selection for photo only themes: could see why you picked it and for colour the white is good on the eyes)
      Hope we got the other thing sorted – me not saying in full what I mean (my spelling ‘see’ when I meant ‘seen’……) nothing to do with anything else!
      I meant what I said that I would like to buy a print from you.


  1. Thanks Dave – It looks like there must have been some sort of hole under the dune that has collapsed???
    Some interesting natural phenomena found in this area.

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