Wadi Ghul.




Wadi Ghul has some folklore about it; the first village on the top of the hill is said to have been abandoned due to a snake infestation . Now it so happens that the Omani word for ‘Snake’ is Ghūl. Although in general Arabic it means a demonic being believed to inhabit burial grounds, mountainous areas and other deserted places; belonging to a class of jinn  جن (spirits) said to be the offspring of Iblīs, the Muslim nearest equivalent of what Christians would probably refer to as the  Devil

There is also another story that the first families to settle here where from Persia.

Whatever the reasons, this village has made four moves over its lifetime, ending up in the new housing on the other side of the wadi.

12 thoughts on “Wadi Ghul.

  1. Nice pics David, however, you REALLY need to give some time to actual facts and not dwell in (western) folklore about Jins and such.

    1. There is NO such thing as “prince of darkness” in Islam or for Muslims… Iblis or Satan (while satan/satanic is a character and Iblis is the actual name of the Jin ~ Iblis that is mention in all Heavenly books).

    2. Jin or Djin (as its written in English) are creatures like Humans, Animals and Plants are. The only difference being that they are created from (smokeless) fire and we (the rest three) are carbon-based entities with a Spirit in us due to which we are “living”. Without the spirit, we are dead bodies. So all Jinns have families, procreate and have virtues of good and evil manifested in them as us. Meaning, Jinns are not “offsprings” of Iblis alone.

    3. Yes, Jinns do inhabitate places that humans don’t dwell in and are not frequented. Eg. ghost towns, or hidden Wadis and Oasis if you will? 🙂

    Just wanted to bring thing out in the clear, pls. don’t take it personal. Very few people actually take the time to really explain the concept correctly and fewer really know.


    1. Thanks for the comments – maybe I should go back to some of the locals and ask again……. My Arabic is not good so I do ‘transliterate’ so to speak.
      I should probably have used the word ‘شيطان ‘
      I also checked the term in Encyclopædia Britannica but hay ho glad you like the photographs.

      1. Make the most of your time there David!! Arabia is a very photogenic place to be in. I lived in Dubai for 18 or so years … and can you believe it, I never set out into the “desert” all that time?! No dune bashing nothing.. lol

        I feel so pathetic thinking about it… we just take a LOT of things in life for granted and never realize until its too late.

        Thanks for replying though… 🙂

        1. Thanks & yes I know what you mean, I was in Saudi Arabia in the early 80’s although I was lucky and could explore, did very little. As I have an interest in Rock Art – missed out especially looking at some of Dr Majeed Khan’s discoveries.
          I get out as much as I can: in fact work gets in the way of fun! 😀


  2. Las fotografías son preciosas, la historia muy interesante, pero lo de las serpientes, ¡que horror! ¡yo también me iría!

    The photographs are beautiful, the story very interesting, but what of snakes, how horrible!I too go!

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