15 thoughts on “Above the clouds.

  1. I had no idea there was topography that high in that part of the world. I suddenly feel very ignorant.
    Great shot – what a lot of tones, almost in a series of gradations too, off into the distance, like a natural zone bar of some kind.

    1. Yes I love the place and am lucky that my job requires me to visit the very top…. go and see Google Earth for where I mean: Btw there is an error on the height as GE reads about 200ft less than it really is.
      The trekking is great – a lot more people coming here for just this area. Jebel Misht near by is the major climbing venue a mini Troll wall. Although some of the locals think I am mad for walking around these mountains.


      1. Very interesting to look at this place in GE. The formations seem quite unusual up near the peak, but probably are just very ancient compared to my part of the world. What a terrific place to work when combined with your interest and skill in b&w film photography.

        There are many errors of the same sort in GE for British Columbia mountains, and place names, and worse. Many mountain or secondary peak names are made up, can be found on no other map, and the geographical names unit of the government has no idea where they come from either (I asked in relation to a project I was doing).

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