ErosionRillenkarren – Erosion of rock during Oman’s wetter phase.

The technical description from my geology book says:

Rillenkarren.- Are forms of dissolution on the surface of the rocks that consist of small channels separated by sharp crests configuring a network of tight more or less parallel gullies next to each other. Its Genesis is linked to the dissolution of the rock by the sheet of water that forms on it as a local run-off.


The Ghubrah Bowl depression No2.

The Ghubrah Bowl depression.The Ghubrah Bowl depression.

Jebal Ghubrah.

Jebal GhubrahJebal Ghubrah – part of the Jebel Akhdar range of mountains.

In the Ghubrah Bowl.

In the Ghubrah BowlPart of Wadi Mistall and the Ghubrah Bowl depression.

The Jebel this morning.

the-jebelA quick stop on my way to Birkat Al-Mawz (Birkat Al Mouz) this morning.
I’m afraid there are going to be more posts about ruined villages in the next few days: I spent this morning going around the three abandoned areas of Birkat Al Mouz.


These abandoned villages were important stopping places on the camel route between Muscat and Al Buraimi. A camel In caravan can make about 20 miles a day and Al Buraimi was at least 350 miles by dirt track from Muscat; a long trip of many days, needing plenty of rest stops en-route.
The village (now town) of Al Buraimi was an important juncture between Oman proper & the Persian Gulf  ‘Arabian Gulf for some – depending on which map you look at and its age.

Water erosion of Jebel rocks.

water-erosion-9000ftWater erosion from when Oman had a far wetter climate.

Another dead tree.

dead-treeThis Juniper looks completely dead but; as can be seen behind, there is regeneration going on.