4 thoughts on “The Ghubrah Bowl depression No2.

  1. Thanks! Impressive as ever. Of course I did have to go look up Permian etc Doesn’t seem to matter how often I attempt memorising geological periods, they disappear. A mnemonic is required. Love big numbers like 700 million.

  2. Ahem – what IS the Ghubrah Bowl depression…a geological oddity caused by what?

    1. I am not geologically literate !

      As far as I understand these things: The Ghubrah Bowl was formed because Permian sandstones, siltstones & conglomerates were eroded out from much harder Pre-Cambrian Diamictites & Permian Carbonates; forming the ridge of mountains surrounding the area. Some of these are more than 700 million years old & deposited by glacial action when Oman was nearer the equator & most of the earth was covered in ice, the “snowball earth” theory.

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