Stone Wolf trap – Jebel Shams.

stone-wolf-trapStone Wolf trap: Jebel Shams.

      These traps are quite common on the Jebel but very few are in perfect working order. This one on the other hand would only need the front drop-stone lifting and supported by a stick:  it would then be ready for the unfortunate wolf.

In case anyone is interested: it’s at about 9500ft & unfortunately for most people, in the restricted area.

Jebel Misht.

Jebel Misht.View of the great ‘exotic’ Jebel Misht: “Comb Mountain” because of its jagged ridges.

Another route that I travel for work and during this time of year; camping trips so that I can get away from the heat.
Unfortunately with images made during the summer months, it is very easy to see the different layers of pollution, sand & dust that
get trapped due to the heat.

Jebel detail.

Jebel detailA trip cut short by heavy rains and a met-office warning of more….
But it was not enough to stop me making a few quick images of the rain-swept Jebel with all its contours & colours. Although I needed the protection of an umbrella – not for me but the camera  🙄 & yes I carry a small one in the Land Rover: even Oman requires me to use one occasionally.