Jebel village.

Jebel VillageAnother village where the rain has washed away the summer dust.
It is just possible to see another smaller village high up on the jebel (upper centre of image).

3 thoughts on “Jebel village.

    1. Ha, a common misconception 🙂 with mountains ranging from 7000 to 10,000ft and especially during the monsoon period, rain can be quite frequent. Even the desert gets some at times and the grass grows very fast; until the camels find it……
      As for the other village – follow a straight line up from the top of the minaret until you see a small white oblong slightly right of the line, after double clicking the image.

      1. Well, David, you bitten to my bait — I can tell it rains ‘cos of all that greenery!! LOL. Forgive me?
        OK, I’ll see if I can find this so-called village… 😉

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