Morning light.

Morning lightMorning light.

11 Comments on “Morning light.

  1. BTW, I can no longer get your blog on my new Win10 phone! It just gives me a black page. (I have the phone set to high contrast, ie blackboard with white writing, but other blogs are fine on it. Maybe yours is not mobile-friendly. You can change that setting in your Dashboard.)
    PS: I like this scene…

    • I do not understand …..
      I quote from the page you suggested.
      “Awesome! Your theme, Photographer, is already deemed to be mobile-friendly”
      Excusing their rather breathless use of the word awesome…. it seems to indicate there should not be a problem.


      • Yes, I think you could be right! I’ve reverted back to normal, as your blog is rather dark itself. I’ll try again later when I’m signed out from WP.

        • Yes, it works again on my phone. However, I now find, when visiting your blog, I am unable to Like (have you put a ban on me?) — I can Like a post now only in the WP Reader!

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