11 thoughts on “Morning light.

  1. BTW, I can no longer get your blog on my new Win10 phone! It just gives me a black page. (I have the phone set to high contrast, ie blackboard with white writing, but other blogs are fine on it. Maybe yours is not mobile-friendly. You can change that setting in your Dashboard.)
    PS: I like this scene…

    1. I do not understand …..
      I quote from the page you suggested.
      “Awesome! Your theme, Photographer, is already deemed to be mobile-friendly”
      Excusing their rather breathless use of the word awesome…. it seems to indicate there should not be a problem.


      1. Yes, I think you could be right! I’ve reverted back to normal, as your blog is rather dark itself. I’ll try again later when I’m signed out from WP.

        1. Yes, it works again on my phone. However, I now find, when visiting your blog, I am unable to Like (have you put a ban on me?) — I can Like a post now only in the WP Reader!

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