Jebel detail.

Jebel detailA trip cut short by heavy rains and a met-office warning of more….
But it was not enough to stop me making a few quick images of the rain-swept Jebel with all its contours & colours. Although I needed the protection of an umbrella – not for me but the camera  🙄 & yes I carry a small one in the Land Rover: even Oman requires me to use one occasionally.


8 thoughts on “Jebel detail.

  1. Yes, I do like the geology. And now I understand why there is some greenery there…sorry, couldn’t help myself…lol.

    1. At this time of the year and because of the mountains, Oman can get quite a lot of rain, especially the coastal regions.
      During the monsoon period, the southern end gets very green. The problem is that about every 30 years or so, the edge of the monsoon drifts north with strong tropical cyclones causing devastation due to run-off from the mountains.


    1. I actually enjoy the rain here (most of the time) it’s not cold and miserable like UK. But thunderstorms can get a bit fierce, especially when they rattle the windows with the shock-wave.


    1. Yes about 08:15 which meant a very early departure from the comforts of bed.
      Pity it is raining so heavily, otherwise I would still be out.
      Loud cracks of thunder here in Bawsher as I write this 17:30 ish.


  2. Beautiful – tha big flat face of rock. Did it smell lovely too? I like that, the smell of earth…the Jebel must be in full flourish of green – now, or soon?

    1. I bet it would have been quite a shock for anything nearby when that chunk of rock slid.
      Yes everything is getting that fresh clean smell and the Jebel grasses are starting to grow; even the desert gets a burst of life with this prolonged rain.

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