16 thoughts on “En route – Jebel Shams Oman.

  1. I love this photo! I agree with your previous commenter that it has a cinematic feel to it, as if the rocky outcrop in the center of the image is Lawrence of Arabia looking out over the desert. The black and white helps a lot in this picture.

    1. Many thanks Michael.
      It’s about 6500ft, just off a dirt track on the route that eventually reaches the top of Jebel Shams at 10,000ft.
      A place near where I would sometimes camp, there is hidden water available all year, no matter what the weather. But if I was on my way to the top for work, it would be a stopping point.
      At about 7000ft there is now a tourist holiday area (still a hard drive for the unprepared) but it is getting developed bit by bit 😔
      I have been very lucky to have seen it while it was still a remote and unspoilt area.

  2. Oh I love this soooooo much. What a great scene. Has a very cinematic feel to it. Like something from a John Ford movie. Jebel Shams has beens a very good subject for you. Beautifully done.

    1. Thanks Terry, much appreciated.
      Shams was a place of work and leasure that I enjoyed exploring for many years.
      Some of it unknown by outsiders until very recently.

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