Wadi Arbaeen 5.


6 Comments on “Wadi Arbaeen 5.

    • Thank you Dave,
      I was there nice and early so the sun was in a good place: which as you know is not always the case here…


  1. This is a nice series, I just clicked on the tag and founds lots of great shots. I really like the light/texture of the low plants in the foreground of this version. One would think secrets might be hidden in these clefts, but perhaps even they have been washed out.

    • Thanks ehpem,
      I normally set-up my tripod and just swap cameras, colour, B&W, film size etc; but with my Bronica I have a few backs so very easy.


    • Thanks, it is an area that gets washed out whenever there is a big storm, leaving only the trees. Slowly things grow back, so ever changing.


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