14 thoughts on “Old blanket Masirah.

  1. Like this one David. You really have to study the photo to make out what it is, then in doing so, realise what a superb shot it is. Shapes, tones and texture all combining beautifully.

  2. I am attracted by the free-flowing lines, the range of tones, the contrasting textures, the balance of the composition – in fact, an unusual and very effective abstract image.

  3. Neat perspective – it is hard to tell whether it’s draped over and hanging from a bush, or lying on the ground. The effort that goes into one of your images really shows. Very nice.

    1. Just what I was hoping to achieve when I made this one – Thanks for the comment, I will leave it alone now. The problem is I am never happy and if you could see my darkroom notes you would understand (My wife says its knowing when to leave it alone its finished!) mind you at 2 o’clock in the morning, paint brush in hand – she is a right one to talk. 🙂


    1. Thank you very much.
      This was the last of my Kodak Plus X 125 that I had in my freezer, about 10 years old! For those interested in film, developed in T-Max @ 1+4.


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