13 thoughts on “Old Tree Jebel Shams.

        1. I was, as part of my work, allowed unfettered access to the top of Jebel Shams. There is a dirt road all the way to 10,000ft. I could get reasonably close to the best trees but it still meant a rather gruelling walk, especially on the way back to the Landrover with my camera equipment.

  1. Superb textures. The writhing contortions of the old tree add movement and an element of drama to the composition

    1. Thanks Louis,
      I used my Nikon F4 and 50mm; the area is rather cramped so was pleased with the composition.
      At 8000ft, one camera one lens and make the best of it…..!


    1. Sorry about the ‘old lady’ reference but I have this thing about trees – love them and have a great respect for their age, so a term of endearment.
      Meeting some of them on Shams makes me understand J R R Tolkien and his Ents.


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