19 thoughts on “Door in Abandoned Room.

    1. Thanks,
      I must admit it is one of those rare occasions were I put a little thought into the composition. Although I was quite restricted with the space that I had.


  1. It is interesting to observe how the touch of colour lifts this image and, at the same time, seems to raise even further our awareness of the texture of the walls.

    1. Thanks Louis,
      I am pleased with my interpretation; been looking at this room on and off for a while. Then I had one of my rare moments of inspiration……


  2. Incredible! I very much like this shot, and am relieved to see that sometimes you succumb to the urge to go inside, as I would (feeling a bit guilty). Did you have to burn in the next room a bit in the darkroom? This shot is a bit like an HDR shot but I am thinking it is the kind of darkroom outcome that has inspired the work of the more subtle HDR enthusiasts.

    1. I used two flash units: inside the room I set just enough light for some detail and the main one I used a warm – gel filter and Kodak E100VS Film.
      I then printed the transparency on to Ilford cibachrome paper (very little left in my freezer of either film or paper) copied the print using a Nikon Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 AIS Micro Lens and the D200. (Sometime I copy prints with my Canon 9950F scanner, 35mm film with a Plustek 7600i) VueScan or Silverfast.

      Eventually I will need to start using the D200 for all my colour work, but I know what I will get using film. Having said that; the scales images were taken with the D200, printed on Canon paper. I have used film for so long that it will take time for me to build confidence using digital. Getting there!

      B&W work will always be film; there are so many new producers and their film is just as good as the main three, just different if you know what I mean. I can mix chemicals for these from raw materials.

      Just thought – this is more info than anywhere else in my blog. Sorry for giving such a long answer……..


      1. No need to apologise – fascinating to learn how you work. I am a bit surprised you would have two flashes with you – I think of you traveling on foot much of the time, and keeping your gear to a minimum.
        It’s been a long time since I did any dark room work, and I never had much confidence in outcomes, nor any sophistication at all. At least I know enough to understand what you are talking about ; ) I too am still learning my way with digital – getting predicted results more often now.

        Thanks for the long answer – perhaps you should consider putting some of that kind of info in a page somewhere, I think there are enough people that are interested to make it worthwhile.

        1. Yes, most of the time I am on foot with 1 camera & 1 or 2 lenses. Some villages have still got a passable dirt track that I can use the Landrover.Others are on the edge of new housing so not far walking with backpack.
          Where I am going today is at 1900mts so minimum gear……!


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