Sap Bani Khamis.

A return visit to the abandoned village of Sap Bani Khamis (As Sab) on ledges above a large overhang at the top end of  Wadi Nakhr Gorge.

Altitude 1900m to 1800m: and it was a lot easier 10 or 12 years ago when I was last there 🙂    it’s also got somewhat of a tourist thing now; the route has been marked which takes all the fun out of it. The path at times is only a couple of metres away from a rather large drop! but if one does fall it must be a great view until the abrupt halt……

4 thoughts on “Sap Bani Khamis.

  1. Funny how the hills get higher and steeper as we get older 🙂 Great series of shots of this area

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