8 thoughts on “Jabrin Fort.

    1. Ehpem,
      I now have the answer…….
      They were used as a form of windlass on an ‘A frame’ structure for pulling water from a well.
      Bigger ones used on wells constructed with a path for a cow or donkey to pull the rope, from which a large animal skin container was attached. Apparently the vanes on the larger ones made a distinctive sound that people recognised was the raising of water from the well.


      1. Thanks David! That is interesting. I guess that also explains why they end up on display given the importance of water, and these hubs to lifting the water were probably pretty complicated things to make so that they lasted. I could see them being the part of old systems that people hung onto when new technology came into being, “just in case”.

    1. Thanks Marina,
      I did struggle with this one – Tri-X which I had left at ISO 400 when I should have set 320 so was very lucky. But it made the scanning a little difficult but hay ho….


      P.s I also used my Nikon F2SB (Tri-X and F2’s seem synonymous)

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